Greek Life, Racism, and Marie Claire Magazine’s Idea of Progress

9 thoughts on “Greek Life, Racism, and Marie Claire Magazine’s Idea of Progress”

  1. Alisha, my SOROR I cannot explain how real this blog is for me. Although we come from to verrrry different parts of the country this still resignates with my line’a struggle to get people to look beyond the fact that my line “looks” predominantly Black and to see that race is not the only factor included when saying that we are a multiCULTURAL sorority. Even though when we founded our chapter here at Sac State We were voted onto what was called the “multicultural” Greek council (where there were already 3 total multicultural orgs) we were still the only org to have any black members. The primary concern among the other orgs on the council was why they would need more multicultural orgs on their council. I’m sure we offended some people by explaining how we don’t just LOOK diverse, we are diverse: religiously, culturally, socioeconomicly, etc.

    But let me not go on a rant, because I could go on for days about the ridiculousness of Greek Life norms.

    With Z-Chi love,


  2. This article was great. Omicron Chapter had to deal with the same kinds of issues as well. Eastern Michigan Univ. is a pretty large univ., but before Zeta Sigma Chi, all you knew were the traditionally black and white organizations! When we came to that campus, people didn’t know how to act. I feel that we broke the mold, and we showed others that multiculturalism wasn’t just about RACE as you mentioned. I can’t wait to read more!


  3. Love you Ally Sha for being determined and strong to make a REAL difference!

    When Z-Chis start allowing Graduate chapters, let me be the first to know!


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